Automate delivery of property files & identify serious buyers.

Make your property's files available online.
Track which buyers download and view them.
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Save Time

Stop sending individual emails and start impressing buyers with instant file access.

Identify Hot Leads

Buyers who request files are serious, view how many times they open those files to track how serious.

Easy To Use

It's simple for you and your buyers to use which means more leads and a system you'll enjoy using.

Custom Branding

Customise AgentSend to reflect your agency’s look so customers receive a consistent brand experience.

Using Agent Send on an iPad

Keep serious buyers happy

Just like you, today's buyers are busy, they are looking at multiple properties and want to have property information quickly.

AgentSend allows you exceed their expectations by giving them instant access to important information about properties they are seriously interested in.
In exchange for receiving the files, buyers give you their contact details.

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Create Property Page

Quick to start, easy to track

It takes less than 60 seconds to create a new property page.

Simply enter the property's address, drag and drop the files you want to make available e.g LIM, Title, builders report, EQC, valuation etc. Then securely pay via credit card or Paypal and you're ready to share your AgentSend property page.

You'll get notified when buyers are sent the files, you can login and view when and which files are downloaded.

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Create an account by providing your basic contact details. You can also choose to brand your pages with your logo and colours.

Add A Property

Just type in the address and drag & drop the documents. We'll generate a short URL for you to share with buyers.


You'll get notified when buyers are sent the files. You can see when they opened the email and which documents they've opened.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Because people are 5 times more likely to leave a site if it isn't mobile-friendly, we made sure AgentSend works on all devices.

Secure SSL

Your buyers have the confidence of 256-bit, bank like security so that they don’t have to worry about passing over their details.

Custom Branding

Make AgentSend your own. You can add your logo and match the colours to your agency's brand.

Short URLs

Your property page’s ID is only 4 characters long which makes it a lot easier for your buyers to access.

Powered by Amazon

We use Amazon Web Services which means unbeatable performance and availability for your files.

Export Your Leads

Export your buyer contact details so that you can import your leads into your database.


Per property (excludes GST)

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